At Rosie’s, we believe in offering high quality products at very reasonable prices and we’re always ready to serve you. We are open seven days a week. No order is too big or too small.

Our products come in a variety of sizes to meet every customer need. Our Italian ice sizes include kiddie cup, small, medium, large (which is a pint), quart, and even our two-quart special. We offer 20 flavors of Italian ice every day, including two sugar free flavors. You can even mix flavors in the same cup!

Our signature radio ball can be ordered as a small, medium, large (which is a pint) or quart. Mix and match any flavor you like.

Our soft serve ice cream is available in vanilla, chocolate or a mix of the two. Our sizes are kiddie, small, medium, large, pint or quart. You can get the kiddie, small, medium or large in a cup or a cone.

With our hard ice cream we give an extra scoop. We offer 16 flavors of hard ice cream including two sugar free flavors every day. Enjoy it in a cup or a cone. We have kiddie which is one scoop, a single which is two scoops, a double which is three scoops or a triple which is four scoops. We even have a pint size for take home, and like our ices, you can mix and match as you like.

We offer various cones and toppings for your ice cream.

We also have milkshakes, root beer floats, sundaes, banana splits and hot pretzels.

And if you want to really give someone a treat, buy them a Rosie’s gift certificate.