Training Program

Rosie’s offers a full A to Z training program. That’s right! You can train with us to learn our signature recipes. Of course you can get Italian ice recipes from the internet and buy inferior prepackaged bases. But if you are thinking of going into selling Italian ices as a business, you really need to offer a high quality product. Many of Rosie’s flavors are specially created blends from products of several different companies. There is no one company that makes every flavor great. Rosie’s will go over a whole list of products from the different companies and go over with you how to buy direct from the manufacturer. Your training is right in our store. You will learn and make our Italian ice side by side with us.

We also go over the whole list of equipment you will need to open a store, and we give you leads on different places you can buy this equipment. Our training program is comprehensive so it also includes us explaining all the various things your store will need such as electricity, plumbing, sinks, floor drains, and even how to obtain your Food Manager Certificate.

And of course, we remain available to you for any questions you may have in the future.